Oriental Medicine is one of the two oldest medicine systems in the world. Both Ayurveda and Oriental Medicine are thousands of years old and still practiced today because they work! 

 If these systems did not work it would be something we would have read about in history books but it is very a prominent and efficacious system of treatment in Asian countries and European countries around the world and becoming what is considered more mainstream in North America.

Acupuncture can be used in conjunction with other modalities or treatments such as Traditional Western Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Chiropractic Treatments, Massage Therapy, or Homeopathic Medicine. Whether Acupuncture is done in conjunction with other treatments or used as a stand-alone treatment. Acunpuncture treatments are a great success.

 The number one question I get asked is “ do they hurt?”, referring to the needles. My answer is one that a child gave me when I treated him. He said “I felt almost none of them at all, I wouldn’t know you put anything in, but two of them felt like mosquito bites going in, but now I can’t feel any of them”.

The needles used are sterile and disposable and always single use, they are very fine thin needles made from stainless steel with a smooth point and plastic guide tube making for a faster insertion that most people do not feel, yet they still get all the benefit.

I treat differently than most practitioners and add manual therapy (massage and cupping) to needling. I stay with you for the hour continuing to work after the needles are placed. The result is exponentially greater than needles alone!

Clients tell me needles coupled with massage triggers a deep sense of relaxation. With the massage, my focus is to open the meridians and energy channels in an in depth fashion, connecting the internal organs and Qi. Qi is energy, that intangible sensibility that animates us, and makes us more than blood and organs. 

Along with redirection of energy, hormones, emotions and chemicals are stimulated and signal are sent from your nervous system, muscles, and connective tissues to prompt healing. Your body seeks homeostasis (balance) and has an innate sense of what it needs to do with the information from the needles to balance itself. 

I tell my patients to imagine energetic highways and byways that run superficially under the skin. That network of highways, like the highways we drive on to get to work sometimes gets obstructed and the flow of traffic backs up. Reestablishing a smooth flow of energy through the meridians with a series of acupuncture treatments, removes the obstructions.  This is crucial to optimal health and allows your system’s internal regulation systems to respond and restore you to homeostasis.

I spent a year training with a Buddhist Monk who’s philosophy was to always do hands on work to compliment the needles. He taught me Tui Na, which is Chinese Massage, as well as the extreme value of tracing meridians manually with acupressure techniques during a treatment to expedite the flow of energy and maximize results in each session.

He was a brilliant master, and I was so fortunate to train with him. I have never wanted to treat in the more traditional American Acupuncture model.  For me, a combination of needles and bodywork that gives the patient an hour of focused one on one work, is the only way to treat.  

People have known for Centuries that Acupuncture works and have utilized it for a plethora of conditions. Today, there are Western Medicine studies going on at every major University around the world. These studies are attempting to find a modern day explanation, using modern day diagnostics, for the ancient system of Acupuncture.

With MRIs, we see exciting things when parts of the brain light up that correlate to insertion points. Using thermography, we see parts get colder that were too hot from inflammation and blood stagnation, and we see parts get warmer that were too cold and almost devoid of blood circulation. These findings are fantastic and add measurable scientific value to what we have known for several millennia, that it works and endures! 

T.Mullins- Licensed Acupuncturist