I met Dawn several years ago

I met Dawn several years ago through my wife. She saw me gimping around and immediately diagnosed what was wrong. She applied a SMRT technique that in 30 seconds had me moving around in much less pain. I was sold! I have been seeing her on a regular basis since then. I have chronic lower back, hip and leg issues from years of abusing my body in my chosen profession. I have seen significant, continuing improvement with on-going treatments. I recommend Dawn and SMRT without reservation.

Richard Day

I have been seeing Dawn…

I have been seeing Dawn for years and I don’t know what I would do without our sessions. She has successfully treated me for a variety of aches and pains. I do not live close to her office but am willing to drive to see her because her technique has worked far better than other body work modalities I have tried. Dawn is very knowledgeable and professional and truly cares about her clients. I would recommend her without reservation.

Bonnie Hacker

Dawn is the one I send my clients to when I’m stumped.

I had my hip replaced and was experiencing a great deal of pain, which other body workers couldn’t help heal. Not only does Dawn have an extensive knowledge of human anatomy; she applies that knowing through her skilled hands as well. When I broke my foot, her work was instrumental in creating the release needed, creating mobility and pain relief. The SMRT modality she uses is gentle yet effective-great when I was in a good deal of pain. I’ve been blessed by her excellent work.

I have been a practicing Massage Therapist for 25 years. Dawn is the one I send my clients to when I’m stumped.

Sabina Agpawa

Charlie is amazing

Once I tried an SMRT massage with Charlie, no other massage would fit the bill! Last summer while building a large koi pond, Charlie’s massages really made me feel renewed and ready for more work. This work and Charlie himself kept me physically able to do all that work. I now have two hour massages with him and what a treat they are. In fact, I’m scheduled to see him in two weeks and I can’t wait!

Holly Skarda

Better quality of life!

I have been seeing Dawn for over 3 years. I originally began working with her to treat lymphadema in my left arm. Over the months she began working on my back, feet and shoulders all areas where I experienced pain. As of now I have less pain I do not need any prescription drugs and my quality of life is excellent. I am able to work as much as I want and stay active. Dawn has helped me understand my body better. Her deep knowledge of human anatomy and physiology and her experience are amazing! In her practice she shows integrity, kindness and compassion. SMRT is very effective. If you have pain or simply want to feel better I highly recommend SMRT.

Ann Linn

No knee surgery!

I would not be walking if not for Dawn and Charlie. I have issues with my knee due to a car accident at 17. The work they do is so different and has kept me going for 20 years without surgery. The longer I can wait for surgery, the better for me. I would not be as active and healthy as I am without these SMRT therapists!

Vicki Nester

Anti-aging massage!

SMRT is the most effective and efficient form of bodywork out there. There is no other modality that compares to it. If you want more flexibility, increased range of motion and more comfort in your body go see Dawn or Charlie. I’ve had the pleasure of having both of them work on me multiple times. Best therapudic experience ever!! Best bang for your buck when it comes to bodywork!

Jennifer Frey
Naturewise Mana

Acupuncture and so much more!

I have been seeing Tammy the acupuncturist at SMRT Pain Relief Center for several months.
It has been a revelation. Tammy uses a variety of techniques; every appointment is different, and she has addressed some lingering physical issues for me as well as increasing my general sense of well being.
Tammy does a thorough intake to assure she has a clear understanding of the client’s concerns and is able to tailor her treatment.
She is a kind and gentle woman who creates a safe space for healing.
I have recommended her to a number of friends and each one of them has been very pleased with her treatment.
I will continue my visits with Tammy in two to three week intervals. The results keep getting better.

Karen Hewett

Long Time Client

I am a long time client of Dawn’s.
We met about 25 years ago; I have had a number of sports injuries and surgeries, so I require a sophisticated medical massage therapist.
I need more than lavender lotion all over my body; I need someone who can address specific issues and help me recover from surgery and injury.
Crazy as it sounds, I have had 4 back surgeries, 3 hip surgeries, one knee surgery and two shoulder replacements in the time I have been Dawn’s client, and she has helped me heal from all of them. Her SMRT technique is different from any other massage I have received, and it is more effective in resolving my issues.
The SMRT Pain Relief Center is a comfortable, professional space where Dawn and other therapists using SMRT are available to deal with complex problems.

Kenneth Doakes

Highest praise for Megan

I have had a variety of massage therapists over the years and believe it is a very effective.
After two sessions with Megan I know she is a keeper.
She is very professional and sensitive to the needs of her clients. In addition, Megan is very good at what she does and explains things as she works.
I recommend Megan without reservation!
Give her a try and you won’t regret it.

Alfred Jackson


SMRT is a specific bodywork modality that our owner, Dawn Lewis, created in 1996 and has been teaching since 1997. SMRT is pain-free to our clients and has been shown to have a profound effect on pain. Our therapists combine SMRT with other bodywork modalities to give you treatments designed to work with your pain.

At the SMRT Pain Relief Center, we offer a unique type of Acupuncture.  During your Acupuncture session, you will also be getting cupping and bodywork, if appropriate for you.  Tammy, our Acupuncturist, never leaves the room, she is with you the entire session.  Tammy does multiple types of Acupuncture, including orthopedic Acupuncture.  This allows her to address a wide variety of issues including musculoskeletal pain.


Here is a small sample of what we have had positive results with in the past:

  • Fusions (vertebrae, toes, ankles, etc)
  • Chronic lower back pain
  • Scar tissue from surgery or injury
  • Scar tissue caused by childbirth
  • Headaches (mild to severe)
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Arthritis
  • Nerve impingements
  • Rotator cuff repairs
  • Joint replacements (hips, knees, shoulders, etc)
  • And much more

Do you want to become a Massage Therapist?  Or are you a Massage Therapist and want to learn SMRT?

You want the Full Circle School website at

On the Full Circle School website you will find information about our 600-hour basic massage therapy program and our SMRT continuing education live courses and video courses.