A Unique & individualized approach to massage therapy

Welcome to S.M.R.T. Therapeutic Massage & Pain Relief

Customized Massage and Bodywork

Along with our many treatment options, S.M.R.T. Therapeutic Massage & Pain Relief emphasizes the use of the Spontaneous Muscle Relief Technique, also known as SMRT. SMRT is a specialized positional release massage technique that focuses on the alignment and movement of your skeleton. This bodywork is designed to help relieve pain and get you moving better.

At S.M.R.T. Therapeutic Massage & Pain Relief, we understand that every individual’s healthcare needs are unique. That is why we focus on customizing treatment plans for each person. You will receive the specialized care you need to regain your health and well-being.

Our Specialties

Headaches & Migraines

Scar Tissue

Lymphatic Drainage

Low & Upper Back Pain

Post-Surgical Pain & Swelling

Shoulder & Neck Pain

What makes us different

S.M.R.T. goes beyond standard massage therapy to get at the root of your pain or health issue. By utilizing the Spontaneous Muscle Relief Technique, we can work the ligaments, tendons, bones and fascia to resolve trigger points painlessly. This technique enhances any treatment option we offer, turning what would be a standard massage or treatment into a powerful healing tool.

How we work with our clients

Our talented therapists work with you to determine the best course of bodywork, massage, and treatments for your unique health and pain relief needs. They will take the time to discuss the status of your progress at every appointment and adjust your treatments as needed. You are not locked in to any single course of service. Your treatment changes as your health care and pain relief needs change.

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