Massage Relaxes Your Body and Mind

Massage therapy lowers stress responses and relaxes your nervous system. The therapy we provide at S.M.R.T. Therapeutic Massage & Pain Relief, which includes SMRT (Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique), is particularly adept at relaxing your nervous system. Just today, a client told me that the treatment she received at S.M.R.T. Therapeutic Massage & Pain Relief was different than any massage she had received in the past. She felt it was much more relaxing. This is because SMRT supports your nervous system so your nervous system does not feel the need to protect you from your massage.

Improved Sleep

When your nervous system is balanced and you are relaxed, sleep is improved. Sleep enhances memory and creativity, lowers stress, reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes, improves mental health, and helps maintain weight. When we are in pain, we sleep poorly. Seeing a massage therapist that understands how to work with your body to decrease your pain helps you sleep deeper and longer.

Decreased Pain / Increased Movement

Massage therapy can be fantastic for decreasing pain, but you must see someone who knows how to work with your pain. At S.M.R.T. Therapeutic Massage & Pain Relief, we are capable of doing full body relaxation massage, but our specialty is working with specific pain complaints. Because most of our therapists are also teachers, we understand your anatomy. We know the possible reasons for your SI joint pain or why you cannot stand up straight without pain. We can determine why your shoulder will not move fully or why your head hurts all the time. Once we have found the source of the pain, we work to remove it.

Helps with Exercise and Sports Performance

When your pain is controlled or gone, and you are getting a much better night’s sleep, physical benefits from exercise are optimized and sports performance is enhanced. We have worked on ballerinas, little league players, high school cheerleaders, weightlifters, hikers, mountain climbers, avid yoga practitioners, and people who simply want to get more from their exercise. Massage optimizes the benefits from exercise; increasing strength, improving joint function, and reducing pain.

Massage Increases Immune Response

Finally, massage therapy increases your immune response by reducing cortisol and increasing lymphocytes that fight harmful substances in the body. This helps you avoid getting sick and able to enjoy increased activity. Regular, consistent sessions can help keep you maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Regular massage therapy is a win-win for you and your body! Add massage therapy to your healthcare regimen now by scheduling your appointment with S.M.R.T. Therapeutic Massage & Pain Relief!