“Robert just gave me the best Acupuncture treatment I have ever had! I strongly recommend him!” Mindy, 2021

“Dawn worked on my sciatica by working on my feet. I have a condition that means I cannot have my legs touched. She completely took away my sciatica pain by working only on my feet. I have complete trust that she will respect my needs and not touch my legs, but I didn’t think it was possible to get rid of my pain without touching my legs. Then, I saw Dawn and my pain is completely controlled.” Mary, 2020

“I cannot say enough about how the SMRT center saved my life. I have a TBI. They knew what it was and how to treat it. These people are amazing at what they do. Go there! Go to SMRT!” Jasmine, 2020

“I had my first Thai massage with Christa and it was fantastically phenomenal! Lovely, lovely to have someone else stretch you while you just lay there and breathe. I will definitely be going back!” Dee, 2020

“Charlie is the best massage therapist I have seen in quite some time. He understands what is happening to my body. I would fully recommend him to anyone with pain or just needing to relax.” Holly, 2020

“I have seen Dawn twice now and both times she was super amazing and intuitive. I knew walking in that she would treat my concerns with care and help restore my quality of life. I started seeing her after I had a rough 3 month bout with pneumonia. My whole body was nothing short of a train wreck. My chiropractor helped some but my muscles needed to be released to hold an adjustment. Dawn was able to release my muscles with ease and minimal pain. She knows how to read a body and follow where it needs her assistance. I look forward to each appointment and can’t wait for the next one! Hands down one of the best therapists I have ever been in the hands of!” Sarah, 2019

“Julie has this way of totally addressing my problem areas while relaxing me to the point of unconsciousness. She is one of the best massage therapists I have seen in the last 30 years.” Evamarie, 2021

“Recently I saw Anna for an old ankle injury. I hardly had any movement in my left ankle when I started. Five sessions later, I have full movement in my ankle and no pain. Very, very happy with my experience and I recommend Anna.” David, 2021

“Megan McCusker is the best massage therapist my wife and I have ever seen. We both struggle with back pain and she could tell what was wrong without us even telling her. Can’t recommend her highly enough!” Bruce, 2019

“I love this place to death!! I have Acupuncture and energy work and massage done. They are all amazing!!” Angell, 2019

“The SMRT Pain Relief Center is an amazing place. Warm, inviting, and I have yet to have a treatment that is anything less than fantastic. I initially went for lymphatic drainage after plastic surgery. They helped a lot! Then I had a Thai massage. Spectacular! Then I had a cupping session, which was also phenomenal. Next, I will explore Acupuncture. I love this place and would recommend you try it.” Katie, 2021