Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I get a massage or other treatment?

How often you come in for treatment is determined by multiple factors. First, what brings you in for treatment? If you are coming for a chronic pain complaint, you may come once a week or once every other week indefinitely. If you had an injury, you may come twice a week for three to four weeks and then once a week for three to four weeks before transitioning to scheduling when needed. If you are coming in for lymphatic drainage massage due to plastic surgery, you should come two or three times a week for three to five weeks and then transition to once a week for six to eight weeks before scheduling when needed.

Second, do you have the time and money to come in as often as you need to? That is a question only you can answer. Once we tell you how often we would like to see you for your specific needs, you will need to decide how often you are able to schedule.

Does a massage have to hurt to be beneficial?

The simple answer to this is no. Long ago someone decided that if massage did not hurt, it was not working. This is false. SMRT works with lighter pressure, yet it creates deep structural changes that last. While deeper pressure may cause a painful sensation while it is being done, it often does not have lasting effects. SMRT has lasting effects because we are working with what your body needs to heal itself.

Do I have to let my therapist know about my medical history or recent injury?

Yes. Your therapist would like to provide you with a massage designed for you. The only way for the therapist to do this is to take your body’s story into account and design a treatment plan based on what your body has experienced in its lifetime. If you have had surgeries, you have scar tissue. If you have injuries, you have fascial restrictions that may be causing the pain you feel in another area. Tell your therapist what has happened to your body so they can help your body become as whole as possible.

Should I shower before treatment?

We are always appreciative of cleanliness. Please shower before your session.

Should I tip? If so, how much?

Tipping is appreciated, but not expected. If you do decide to tip, 20% is great. Anything below that is good and appreciated, anything above that is greatly appreciated.

Do I have to talk to my therapist during treatment?

You may talk or not talk during your session. Talking is completely your choice. Your therapist may ask questions periodically about pressure, pain, or something they feel that was not identified on your intake. Your therapist asks these questions to make sure they are using comfortable pressure, not hurting you, and working within therapeutic guidelines for any surgeries or injuries you have had.

Do I have to undress completely?

We work in a variety of ways. Clothes worn for this treatment should be loose so your therapist can stretch you. SMRT can be done fully clothed or undressed. If we are working your upper body, we will only ask you to take off clothing above the waist. If we are working on your lower body, we may only ask you to remove your pants. We will always step out as you undress. You will lay under a sheet and blanket and your therapist will only expose the area of the body being worked on. If you would like a full body massage, it is best to be completely undressed.