Services Offered



When you schedule with bodywork with the SMRT Pain Relief Center, you schedule time with a therapist who has experience in pain relief and pain management.  SMRT is a specialized form of massage/bodywork.  We refer to it as a positional release modality with an orthopedic focus.  What does that mean?  It means we assess your postural issues and work with all tissues (muscles, ligaments, tendons, connective tissues, and bones) in any area to create balance and alleviate your pain. Our therapists have experience treating the following issues:

Joint Replacements; Fibromyalgia; Lymphedema; Scar Tissue; Chronic Pain; Acute Pain; Headaches; Migraines; Lower Back Pain; Hip Pain; Knee Pain; Shoulder Pain; Neck Pain; Foot Surgeries; Torn Tendons or Ligaments; Rotator Cuff Tears and Repairs; And much, much more.  You may book the following increments of time (packages can be used for massage/bodywork!):

$80 for 60 minutes
$120 for 90 minutes
$160 for 120 minutes

Package Available:

When you purchase a package from the SMRT Pain Relief Center, you buy time.  Your time can be used for any of the services offered at our facility.  You can also share your package with a family member.  Available packages are as follows:

$440 for 6 hours
$800 for 11 hours
$1200 for 17 hours



The Acupuncture at the SMRT Pain Relief Center is different than most other Acupuncture.  Tammy has 16 years experience working with pain relief/management and many other issues, such as digestive issues, lung issues, kidney issues, sluggishness, insomnia, numbness and tingling, headaches, etc.

Each Acupuncture session begins with massage on the client’s back, which leads to cupping of the back and needling designed for the client’s current issues along the back of the body.  As the needles do their work, Tammy moves down and massages and/or cups the calves.  Once the back needles are removed, the client turns onto their back.  Tammy needles the front of the body, again in a way designed for that client on that day before moving down and massaging the feet.  She never leaves the room and each session includes bodywork, cupping, and needling. Prices are as follows (unless you use a package for your session!!):

$120 for initial 90 minute Acupuncture appointment
$80 for subsequent 60 minute Acupuncture appointments


Private Yoga and Pilates Sessions:

One on one yoga and Pilates 60 minute sessions with Debra!  Debra will design each session for your needs.  Do you need to strengthen your quadriceps and lengthen your hamstrings?  That will be what your session will do.  Do you need to strengthen your core while protecting your back?  That is what session will accomplish.  Group classes are fabulous, but private yoga and/or Pilates sessions designed for the issues in your body can help you rehab from an injury or surgery, perfect your poses and posture, and restore balance in your body.  Prices are as follows (and remember you can use your package for these too!):

$80 for 60 minutes


Energy Work/Reiki:

At the SMRT Pain Relief Center, our energy work or Reiki sessions can have a variety of focuses.  It all depends on what the client needs that day.  A session may include Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Decording, and/or Aura Clearing. You may schedule the following increments of time (packages can be used for energy work!):

$80 for 60 minutes
$120 for 90 minutes